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Healing Therapies

At Your Bridge To Healing, your energy healing sessions will be creatively designed to support your individual physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Your energy work may consist of Reiki, Inspirational messages on stones in healing handsIntegrated Energy Therapy™, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Transformational Healing, or Full Spectrum Energy Medicine. The integration of techniques (such as the use of crystals) to balance and heal your chakras, your body’s natural energy system, into your sessions may be used to enrich your experience. If indicated, manual physical therapy techniques or therapeutic exercise may be used to promote physical healing. Music will be thoughtfully chosen and incorporated into your sessions to uniquely enhance your personal healing. Your energy healing sessions will always be held in an atmosphere of privacy, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. If you are hoping for a special, caring experience as you improve your health and well-being, walk across your bridge to healing with Lea or Rose as your guide.

You may learn about the healing therapies offered at Your Bridge To Healing, but rest assured that your practitioner will decide which therapy is most appropriate for you during your session.:

Energy healing therapies do not replace conventional medical practices. You are urged to seek the advice of your physician or health care professional for any physical or psychological concern you may have.


Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a sacred, gentle hands-on healing art rediscovered by Dr. Usui of Japan, a scholar of ancient Tibetan texts. He called it the healing energy of the universe. Reiki is a form of self-healing, with the practitioner merely facilitating the activation of the body’s healing resources to promote wellness. Reiki blends seamlessly with conventional healing methods. Reiki can be used to help release emotional issues, relieve pain, achieve deep relaxation, promote balance and harmony, enhance your wisdom and creativity, and expand your spiritual awareness.

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy™, developed by Stevan Thayer, is called the healing energy of the angels. IET Healing Hands - Energy HealingNegative experiences in life can often leave you with residual emotions such as heartache, anger, guilt, powerlessness, or fear. IET™ gently releases these energy blockages, and opens your energy field to love, forgiveness, trust, spiritual pride, empowerment, and freedom. IET™ uses energy to safely and gently release energy blockages from your past, empowering you to enjoy the true essence of yourself in the present, and to reach for your dreams as you create a bright and joyful future.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing

Shamballa is the energy of unconditional love and freedom. It is the art of energy healing developed by St. Germain to expand conscious awareness and facilitate personal growth. Shamballa is multi-dimensional, working on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of energy, and reaches deep levels of cellular memory. Shamballa energy flows to the areas in the energy field where it is needed most for your highest healing good. This energy helps you to awaken the full expression of your true self, and enables you the chance to experience fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Full Spectrum Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is the art of healing at a deep level with the intent to bring you into internal harmony. Full Spectrum Energy Medicine is healing with the chakras and uses the twelve levels of human consciousness as its road map. Each level is a layer in our energy field. If any layer is blocked from the spectrum it causes disharmony within the system. Full Spectrum Energy practitioners use 18 different healings, which address specific everyday issues of life. They can be physical, emotional, relationship, addiction, empowerment, life purpose, or soul issues. The healer will charge, restructure, clear and energize each energy center in the system that may have become out of balance. The goal is not simply to remove pain, but to also create harmony within the entire system. Once your system is balanced you will feel a wonderful sense of internal unity and peace.

Transformational Healing

Transformational Healing, as taught by Sai Maa, spiritual master and healer, is based on the idea that everything, and every part of each of us, is energy. Transformational Healing uses conscious healing with Light to shift your energy from lower vibrational frequencies based in fear to higher vibrational frequencies based in love. With spiritual transformation, healing frees you to love yourself, and to shine your brilliant light.

Healing with Crystals

Healing with CrystalsCrystals can be used to facilitate the balancing of energy in the body. Crystals vibrate subtle energies, and can be attuned to match individual vibrations to promote healing. When a chakra, or energy center, is not in harmony, crystals can be used to stimulate the affected chakra. We use the crystals with the intention to empower the individual, align the energetic imbalances, release fear, and strengthen the spirit.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are health care professionals who help their patients to reduce pain and restore mobility while encouraging healthy lifestyles. As a physical therapist, Lea has experienced the natural blend of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, and energy healing therapies. While Your Bridge To Healing is not a physical therapy practice, Lea may use these modalities to optimize physical healing if indicated.

Music Integration

“The magic of music warms the heart and soothes the soul.” The philosophy that music can be a powerful adjunct to energy healing therapies is embraced and focused upon at Your Bridge To Healing. Here you will find a uniquely personalized musical experience to warm your heart and soothe your soul as you immerse yourself in your energy healing sessions.

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